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My research interests are in the interdisciplinary fields of Science and Technology Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Critical Race and Gender Studies, South Asian Area and Diaspora Studies, Labor and Globalization, Marxist Theory, and Cultural Studies. I am very interested in working with rigorously interdisciplinary methodologies, and my book, Life Support: Biocapital and the New History of Outsourced Labor, uses a combination of ethnographic, literary and cultural studies methods to examine the ongoing legacies of colonial biopolitics in contemporary transnational India labor markets. These have been mediated by technologies and histories that require a new thinking about political action and agency, for which I bring together critical race and postcolonial studies with feminist science studies approaches.

My current research project, in collaboration with Neda Atanasoski (UCSC), takes up the relationship between notions of the “network” and “revolution” in the postsocialist era. We assess the ethical frames and moral imperatives undergirding current-day modes of waging war, biomedical modes of extending life, and understanding the politics of dissent and consent that both use and critique the “revolutionary” technologies associated such social and political shifts of our postsocialist era.

Selected Publications

Life Support: Biocapital and the New History of Outsourced Labor. University of Minnesota Press. Difference, Inc. (series). 2015.

“Surrogate Humanity: Posthuman Networks and the (Racialized) Obsolescence of Labor.” Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience. June 2015. (co-authored with Neda Atanasoski).

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Vora, Kalindi A. Life Support: Biocapital and the New History of Outsourced Labor. University of Minnesota Press. Forthcoming 2015.

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